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    What is a fiduciary duty?

    A fiduciary duty exists where a person or company is required to put another person's interests before their own. It arises from a relationship of trust and confidence, such as the relationship betwee...

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    How a joint venture works

    A joint venture is an arrangement where different people or businesses combine resources to achieve a common objective. In some cases, they create a new company (an 'incorporated joint venture'), and ...

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    Directors liability - 8 ways to limit your personal exposure

    Company directors have a number of different duties and obligations, and a breach can have serious consequences for you personally. There are several things you can (and should) do to reduce your pers...

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    Warranties in a share purchase agreement - 5 tips for buyers

    The purpose of warranties in a share purchase agreement is often misunderstood by purchasers. There are a number of factors to consider before requesting or relying on a warranty in your agreement. He...

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    Heads of Agreement: What are they and are they binding?

    A heads of agreement is a short, interim agreement that parties use before negotiating and finalising a formal agreement. They are also known as a ‘terms sheet’ or ‘memorandum of understanding’ (or ‘M...

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