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    What does an ECI agreement cover?

    An ECI agreement is normally used where the principal wishes to divide the project into two phases: an ECI phase and a construction phase. This article summarises what you will typically find in an EC...

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    How to use AS 4916 Construction Management Contract

    AS 4916 is one of the most commonly used - and also misused - forms of construction management contract in Australia. This article explains how it works and also identifies areas where users frequentl...

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    What is a construction management contract?

    A construction management contract is one type of Early Contractor Involvement (or ‘ECI’) arrangement, and differs from a traditional lump sum model in a number of respects. This article explains the ...

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    The different types of construction contract explained

    This article explains the different types of construction contract, and explains how to choose the right type of contract for your next project. Although the same general principles should apply to re...

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    What is Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and how does it work?

    Early contractor involvement (or 'ECI') is a method of construction contracting that allows a builder to become involved, and potentially start work, before the design has been completed.

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