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    10 Reasons to engage an External Construction Lawyer

    Engaging an external construction lawyer can be a transformative decision for your company. These highly skilled professionals can bring a new dimension to your risk management processes and a differe...

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    How to automate your contracting processes: where to start

    The biggest obstacle for most organisations seeking to improve their contracting process is simply knowing where to start. Unsure which improvement projects to prioritise, which type(s) of technology ...

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    6 signs your subcontract needs an urgent upgrade

    It’s out of date. Nobody understands it. Subcontractors object to it. It’s clunky to assemble. It’s been written for another jurisdiction. You have to pay licence fees whenever you use it.

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    5 common subcontracting mistakes

    Although contractors sign new subcontracts every day, there is a surprisingly big gap between those who do it well, and those who do not. Errors in subcontracting can waste time, cost money and expose...

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    9 ways to let your subcontracts more efficiently

    Despite subcontracts being at the heart of every contracting business, few companies (big or small) can claim to have truly efficient subcontracting processes. As this article explains, even small imp...

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