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    When do employees pay tax on employee share scheme interests?

    An employee who acquires an interest under an employee share scheme will generally be required to pay tax. However the time at which this tax is payable, and also the way in which the tax is calculate...

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    Eligibility criteria for the ESS start-up concession

    Since July 2015, the Australian Government has been allowing concessions to eligible companies in an effort to improve the competitiveness of Australia’s tax treatment of employee share schemes. This ...

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    Why your exit strategy needs to include an employee share scheme

    To get the best possible outcome on an exit event, you will need to ensure that your business is performing at its peak - right before the exit event, and often for a period of time after completion (...

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    4 key ingredients for a successful employee share scheme

    Creating a successful employee share scheme (ESS) or employee share option plan (ESOP) is all about careful planning. Because there are so many ways you can structure an ESS or ESOP, it is important t...

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    Employee Share Schemes Tax Basics

    The tax rules that apply to employee share schemes in Australia are extremely complicated. This post explains the basics, and also explains how companies commonly structure employee share schemes in r...

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    What is the vesting period in an ESOP?

    The vesting period in an ESOP is the initial period when participants do not have access to all of the rights that would otherwise attach to their options or shares. This article explains how they wor...

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