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    4 Ingredients for a Successful Employee Share Scheme (ESOP)

    Creating a successful employee share scheme is all about careful planning.  Because there are so many ways you can structure a structure an employee share scheme, it is important to keep a few basic p...

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    Employee Share Schemes Tax Basics

    The tax rules that apply to employee share schemes in Australia are extremely complicated. This post explains the basics, and also explains how companies commonly structure employee share schemes in r...

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    What is the vesting period in an ESOP?

    The vesting period in an ESOP is the initial period when participants do not have access to all of the rights that would otherwise attach to their options or shares. This article explains how they wor...

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    How do employee option schemes work?

    Employee option schemes are designed to allow employees to share in the value of the company’s future growth. This post explains how they work.

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    How do employee share schemes work?

    The basic idea of any employee share scheme is to give participants the opportunity to acquire equity in the company, or to provide an incentive that is roughly equivalent. There are different ways th...

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    What does a shareholders agreement cover?

    A shareholders agreement explains how the company will be run, how decisions will be made, and what happens when shareholders disagree or someone wishes to exit. It governs all of the key aspects of t...

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