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Specialist commercial lawyers for Australian construction and technology businesses.

  • Average client satisfaction score of 97%
  • Work directly with recognised industry experts
  • Exceptional client service 
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Gerard McMahon

Director and Co-Founder, SHAPE Australia

Turtons is an integral part of our business success. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

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Areas of Specialisation

Construction & Projects

We assist contractors, developers, consultants and other project stakeholders across Australia on a diverse range of projects - from commercial, civil, maritime, industrial, renewables, Government to other specialty areas.

Consistent with this specialisation, our learning centre contains a number of articles and other resources (such as webinars, guides and checklists) relevant to construction law and construction projects.

We are a recognised leader in the provision of information and advice on Australian Standard form contracts.

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We advise entrepreneurs, established businesses and investors in the technology sector. Our clients include SAAS businesses, managed service providers and other software-based businesses.

We help our clients establish, operate, acquire, invest in and sell businesses in this space. Our learning centre contains a range of articles and resources for people working in this space.

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Corporate & Commercial

Much of the expertise we possess in the construction and technology sectors is directly applicable to other industries.  

We regularly advise clients on a range of commercial contracts (for example, supply, distribution, joint venture) and corporate transactions (for example, employee share schemes, investments, mergers and acquisitions).

We help businesses:
  • improve their everyday contracting processes,
  • negotiate large commercial contracts and other deals that fall outside of "business as usual", and
  • undertake strategic initiatives, including those mentioned above.

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Useful Resources


Employee Share Schemes: A Guide for Privately Owned Companies

All sorts of companies are using employee share schemes to attract, retain and motivate key staff. It's not just start-ups and large corporates. 

This guide provides a detailed overview, including:

  • pros and cons of employee share schemes
  • different models used in Australia, including option plans and phantom schemes
  • case studies
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