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About Turtons

Turtons is a small commercial law firm in Sydney. It is also one of Australia's longest standing legal practices.

We're a small team, which means two things. First, you will deal directly with a lawyer with at least 15 years' relevant experience. Second, you'll never get lost or feel like your business doesn't matter. We're interested in getting to know your business, and this is reflected in the level of our engagement.

We're one of Australia's oldest law firms.  Established in 1911, we have an enviable reputation within the industry. The quality of our work and the calibre of our clients are hallmarks of our practice. We have worked with a number of our clients across decades and generations. 

Most importantly, we're people you can work with. Commercial law specialists with a depth of expertise and genuine interest in businesses like yours.  


Con Zeritis

CEO, Industrie & Co

An absolute joy to work with. They take a consultative approach, focusing our attention on the things that matter.
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Our clients

Most of our work is in the technology, construction and property sectors.

All of our clients have a presence in Sydney, and most of them operate across Australia and/or internationally.

Most of our clients are either independent, privately owned businesses, or they are local subsidiaries of overseas companies.

You can read about our construction services here, and our technology services here. We provide a range of general corporate and commercial legal services, which you can read about here.

Established in 1911

FW Turton started the firm in 1911. It continues to thrive more than 100 years later.

In a constantly changing landscape, Turtons is one of the very few firms that can claim to be a mainstay of the Australian legal profession.

Turtons has maintained a continuous presence in the Sydney legal market since its inception, never moving more than 200 metres from its original location.

Today, the firm is managed by two principals, Greg Henry and Bill Henry.

Greg Henry

Admitted 2001

(02) 9229 2904

Bill Henry

Admitted 1970

(02) 9229 2992

Morgan McIntosh

Senior Associate
Admitted 2016

Bridgit Masson

Senior Associate
LLB, BComm
Admitted 2016


James Frame

CEO, Natural Health International

We don’t see Turtons as just our lawyers – they are a true business partner. They repeatedly perform above expectation which, sadly, seems very rare.
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Our Network

We work with a range of trusted advisors whom we can confidently recommend.

These include advisors in other jurisdictions, as well as local advisors with complementary expertise.

For example, our network includes a number of non-lawyers with complementary expertise, such as in tax, corporate advisory (mergers & acquisitions) and financial planning.

We are regularly involved in overseas matters or with an international element, particularly in North America, Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and mainland China) and Europe (including the United Kingdom). This is because, although all of our clients have a presence in Sydney, many of them have an international aspect to their operations.

Why Turtons

Ultimately, it’s about the advice.

The way we think about problems is fundamentally different to other law firms. We focus on the commercial considerations first, before we get to the law. (Usually it’s the other way around.)

This means that we get to the heart of the issue quickly, without getting caught up on matters that will not make any difference to the outcome.

This approach is reflected in the advice we provide, and the documents we produce.

If you would like to experience the difference firsthand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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