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We combine specialised industry expertise with exceptional customer service.

  • Our average customer satisfaction score is 97%.
  • We provide clear advice and focus on practical solutions.
  • Our experts are ready to help, when needed. 

Our Commitment to Service

Our Service Promise

We promise the following to all of our clients:

  1. We will listen.
  2. You will be able to reach an industry expert, when you need them, who knows you and/or is familiar with your affairs.
  3. You will receive clear, practical advice.
  4. We will be transparent about turnaround times. 
  5. You will be able to rely on any commitment we give you about when your work will be done.
  6. You will know what will happen next in your matter, and when it is due to happen.
  7. You will not have to pay for work that you have not asked for or that you are not happy with.
  8. You will only deal with lawyers who have the necessary experience and expertise to move your matter forward.
  9. We will not get bogged down in issues that are immaterial or that you are not concerned about.
  10. We will not pretend to have expertise that we do not possess.

Con Zeritis

CEO, Industrie & Co

An absolute joy to work with. They take a consultative approach, focusing our attention on the things that matter.
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What our clients say

Our average overall client satisfaction score is 97%.

Below is a summary of our most recent client satisfaction survey.


Average score


 Do we give practical advice?


 Do you consider us to be expert at what we do?


 Do we deliver our work on time?


 Would you recommend our services to someone else?


 Overall, how satisfied are you with our service?



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Key People

We are dedicated team of specialised lawyers based in the Sydney CBD.


Greg Henry

Admitted 2001

(02) 9229 2904

Bill Henry

Admitted 1970

(02) 9229 2992

Morgan McIntosh

Senior Associate
Admitted 2016

Bridgit Masson

Senior Associate
LLB, BComm
Admitted 2016

Madelaine Nott

LLB, BMedia&Comn
Admitted 2021

Karlie Gilbert

Admitted 2022


James Frame

CEO, Natural Health International

We don’t see Turtons as just our lawyers – they are a true business partner. They repeatedly perform above expectation which, sadly, seems very rare.
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How we are different

We honour our service promise.

 Apart from consistently high client satisfaction surveys and glowing testimonials, perhaps the two best indications of our commitment to service are that:

  • most of our new clients are referred to us by people who have worked with us previously, and
  • the length of our client relationships tends to be measured in decades, not years (let alone individual matters).

We like to think this is because we deliver on our promise. Our aim is to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. 


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