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    7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small law firm

    Having spent years in a large law firm, it’s easy to think that your options for a successful legal career are limited. However, most lawyers who make the move into a smaller environment report feelin...

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    5 reasons to be wary of law firm reviews on Glassdoor

    If you’ve searched for a job, it’s likely that you would have consulted Glassdoor. In case you haven’t, Glassdoor allows current and former employees to post anonymous reviews of a workplace’s culture...

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    How to find a commercial law mentor

    As a source of independent personal counsel, practical guidance, connections and suggestions, having a mentor can assist with accelerating your career. But with so many junior lawyers around, and with...

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    5 job hunting tips for a 0-2 PAE commercial lawyer

    Job hunting as a 0 - 2 PAE commercial lawyer can seem overwhelming, especially in a saturated market. Here are our top 5 tips for finding your next job.

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    Why legal salary guides are overrated

    The information in a legal salary guide is often meaningless and tends to focus your attention on the wrong things. Although there are times when they might come in handy, you need to be wary of their...

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    A list of legal recruiters in Sydney

    Below is a list of recognised legal recruiters in Sydney, including a number of executive search firms. (This article was published and last updated in 2017.)

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