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    Why your exit strategy needs to include an employee share scheme

    To get the best possible outcome on an exit event, you will need to ensure that your business is performing at its peak - right before the exit event, and often for a period of time after completion (...

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    6 reasons to work on your business exit strategy now

    A business exit is the only opportunity you will ever have to convert the underlying value of your business into cash. Regardless of when you think you might exit, you will exit at some point, and it’...

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    Exit strategy 101: How to plan a successful business exit

    A business exit provides a unique opportunity to realise the capital value that you have created in your business. Unfortunately, many business owners 'leave money on the table' when they exit their b...

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    What does a share sale agreement cover?

    A share sale agreement sets out the terms on which shares in a company are to be sold. Although there is no standard form share sale agreements tend to cover the same general territory, as explained b...

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    Warranties in a share sale agreement: 10 tips for sellers

    If you are selling shares in a private company, the buyer will almost always seek warranties. In this context, a warranty is a promise you make about the thing you are selling.

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