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    What is a convertible note?

    A convertible note is a loan that can be converted into shares. This article explains how they work and when they are used.

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    Should an investor be a director?

    Some investors will seek to be a director so that they have can have greater access to information and the opportunity to influence their affairs. However being a director is not without risk, and the...

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    Terms sheet for buying shares

    This post explains what an investor should expect to see in a terms sheet for buying shares in a private company in Australia.

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    Due diligence guide for investors

    This guide explains the different types of due diligence investigations that are normally undertaken by investors in private companies, such as angel investors, private equity firms and companies look...

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    What is a share subscription agreement?

    A share subscription agreement sets out the terms on which an investor agrees to buy shares from a private company. It is often used to formalise informal arrangements agreed between the parties in a ...

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    The difference between an advisory board and a board of directors

    Every company has a board of directors, even if it is just one or two people. As companies grow, their founders tend to seek the help of others in making important decisions. One way this occurs is th...

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