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    Unfair dismissal for poor performance - the guiding principles

    A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission helpfully summarises when a dismissal for poor performance is an unfair dismissal for the purposes of the Fair Work Act.

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    Crowd-sourced equity funding in Australia - where's it up to?

    Crowd-sourced equity funding for unlisted public companies came into effect on 29 September 2017. At the moment, the regime will only be available to public companies. However, in a significant develo...

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    What is a deed of accession?

    Sometimes called a 'deed of adherence', a deed of accession is a deed that binds a person to an existing shareholders agreement.

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    What is a deed of indemnity?

    An officer's deed of indemnity is a deed signed by a company that is intended to protect you against claims made by third parties.

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    The business name search - how to find a unique business name

    The hardest part of choosing a new business name is to find a good one that’s not already taken. This isn't just from a branding perspective - it's also important from the perspective of avoiding pote...

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