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    How to find out if someone is using your business name

    Your business name is one of your most valuable assets. It's the main thing that differentiates you from your competitors, and consequently is an asset that needs to be protected. This article explain...

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    Unfair dismissal for poor performance - the guiding principles

    A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission helpfully summarises when a dismissal for poor performance is an unfair dismissal for the purposes of the Fair Work Act.

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    Crowd-sourced equity funding in Australia - where's it up to?

    Crowd-sourced equity funding for unlisted public companies came into effect on 29 September 2017. At the moment, the regime will only be available to public companies. However, in a significant develo...

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    What is a deed of indemnity?

    An officer's deed of indemnity is a deed signed by a company that is intended to protect you against claims made by third parties.

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    The business name search - how to find a unique business name

    The hardest part of choosing a new business name is to find a good one that’s not already taken. This isn't just from a branding perspective - it's also important from the perspective of avoiding pote...

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