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04 July 2023

10 Reasons to engage an External Construction Lawyer

Engaging an external construction lawyer can be a transformative decision for your company. These highly skilled professionals can bring a new dimension to your risk management processes and a different level of contracting know-how to your operations.

A construction lawyer will help you with: 

  • Risk Management: These legal specialists identify hidden risks in contracts and business processes and will recommend practical mitigation strategies.
  • Legal Consultation: They provide expert advice on complex legal issues, ensuring your organisation can make smart decisions to effectively manage risks.
  • Contract Resolution: They draft and review contracts, ensuring you are protected and your rights and obligations are clearly defined.
  • Dispute Avoidance: With deep industry knowledge, external construction lawyers can help you avoid major disputes, saving you previous time and resources.
  • Regulatory Updates: External lawyers keep up with changes in legislation, helping your company adapt promptly and effectively.

Engaging an external construction lawyer can unlock numerous benefits for your business. From offering deep expertise to ensuring timely problem resolution, these professionals can add significant value to your business in countless ways.


While a company can have internal resources to help with a range of contracting issues, an external construction lawyer offers unique benefits that can help your organisation achieve its objectives. Here are…


Top 10 Reasons to engage an External Construction Lawyer


1. Instant Expertise

Specialist external lawyers possess expertise and experience in construction law and construction contracts that you won't have internally.  When you engage one, you will have instant access to a completely different level of knowledge.  They bring a depth of expertise to quickly identify risks and develop solutions, and will provide insights on matters that might often be overlooked.

2. Time Efficiency

Outsourcing legal services frees up your time, enabling you to focus on core activities that add greater value to your business. It's all about creating time for strategic tasks and other activities that will help your organisation achieve its goals.

3. Quick Problem Resolution 

Owing to their extensive knowledge and experience, construction lawyers can resolve contract issues faster than you can alone. In addition, they will often have existing relationships with the lawyers advising the other party to your contract, which can be invaluable in achieving a swift resolution.

4. Independence

One of the most valuable traits of external lawyers is their independence. Free of any agendas, they provide an unbiased perspective untainted by the influence of internal pressures. This can be especially useful when dealing with reluctant (or stubborn) stakeholders.

5. Market Trend Insights

By concurrently working with multiple clients across different projects, external construction lawyers can share insights into current market trends and how other companies manage similar issues. This shared knowledge can expand your business strategies and help you adopt more effective ways to manage contract issues.

6. Scalability and Flexibility 

Hiring an external lawyer makes perfect sense if your team lacks the necessary resources or technical specialisation. It allows you to scale your team up or down as required, enhancing efficiency without creating additional overheads.

7. Innovation 

External lawyers can help you innovate. As they become familiar with your operations, they may suggest improvements to enhance your procedures and policies.  They can help streamline your contracting processes, reducing the administrative burden of contracting and allowing you to solve contracting problems more efficiently.

8. Access to Broad Networks 

Construction lawyers have relationships with other professionals, such as independent building or engineering experts, quantity surveyors, and programmers. These connections can be indispensable in resolving complex contract issues.

9. Ensuring Compliance 

External lawyers stay abreast of legislative changes and case law, ensuring your company remains compliant.  In construction law, the legislative environment is constantly changing. Relevant court decisions are handed down on a regular basis. Only specialists remain up-to-date with the latest changes.

10. Excellent Service

As service providers, external lawyers are driven to impress to secure more work from you. Consequently, you can expect a high quality, highly responsive service every time you engage them. 

Engaging an external construction lawyer can unlock numerous benefits for your business. From offering deep expertise to ensuring timely problem resolution, these professionals can add significant value to your business in countless ways.

If you'd like to know more or have any questions about how a specialist construction lawyer can help you in your business and contracts, read more here.

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