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    What is a qualifying cause of delay under AS 4300?

    Clause 35.5 identifies the causes of delay for which the contractor can claim an extension of time under AS 4300.  Compared with other forms of contract, the list of qualifying causes is relatively br...

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    How to claim a variation under AS 4300

    This article explains how to claim a variation under the Australian Standard AS 4300-1995 Conditions of Contract for Design and Construct. It includes a flowchart to explain the process.

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    How does security of payment work in Victoria?

    The purpose of the security of payment legislation is to promote cash flow down the contracting chain.  It does this in two ways.  First, it contains a number of general protections for contractors.  ...

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    What is a construction management contract?

    A construction management contract is one type of Early Contractor Involvement (or ‘ECI’) arrangement, and differs from a traditional lump sum model in a number of respects. This article explains the ...

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    What is a warranty in construction?

    Although the word ‘warranty’ is frequently used in the construction industry, it is often used with different meanings.  This article explains how ‘warranties’ work in the context of a construction co...

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    How to make a payment claim under security of payment in Victoria

    This article explains how to make an effective payment claim under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (VIC).

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