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    How to claim an EOT under AS 4000

    This article explains how to claim an extension of time (EOT) under AS 4000. It includes a flowchart and forms to explain the process.

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    Common amendments to AS 4000

    Most informed principals consider AS 4000 to be too heavily weighted in favour of the contractor. Consequently, it is fairly normal to see AS 4000 issued with amendments or special conditions. This ar...

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    Introduction to AS 4000

    AS 4000, more formally known as the Australian Standard AS 4000-1997 General Conditions of Contract, is one of the most widely used forms of head contract for construction projects in Australia.

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    10 things you should know about AS 4000

    Although AS 4000 is one of the most widely used construction contracts in Australia, many people remain unfamiliar with the detail. You can find our easy to understand explainer right here. The follow...

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    What is the 'date of practical completion' under AS 4000?

    In NSW at least, the date of 'practical completion' under an unamended AS 4000 is the date the certificate of practical completion is issued - even if the works have reached practical completion at so...

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