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    5 crucial tips for a rise and fall clause

    Rise and fall clauses are one way principals and contractors are seeking to mitigate pricing risk in the current market. Despite being used rarely in the decades leading up to the COVID pandemic, they...

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    When is a construction contract frustrated?

    Sometimes an unexpected event will make the continued performance of a contract impossible or of a completely different nature to that originally agreed. Where this occurs, the doctrine of frustration...

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    An introduction to terminating a construction contract

    There are two basic steps to terminating a construction contract. The first is to make sure that you have a right to terminate the contract. The second is to follow the right process. This article pro...

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    Termination for convenience clauses in a construction contract

    A termination for convenience clause allows a party to a contract to terminate it for any reason, even where the other party has done nothing wrong. This article explains how these clauses work.

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    How do you terminate a construction contract for breach of contract?

    To terminate a contract for breach of contract, there is a process you will need to follow. If you get it wrong, the other party may be able make a claim against you. Keep reading to learn how it work...

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    When can you terminate a construction contract for repudiation?

    If the other party repudiates the contract, you will have the right to terminate it. This is a right that exists at common law, outside the contract. This article explains how it works.

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