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    The difference between an advisory board and a board of directors

    Every company has a board of directors, even if it is just one or two people. As companies grow, their founders tend to seek the help of others in making important decisions. One way this occurs is th...

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    How will Australia’s modern slavery laws affect your business?

    Legislation has recently been passed by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments to combat modern slavery. This article summarises the changes and identifies the key steps you will need to take to ensure ...

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    Australia’s new Whistleblower Laws: A Summary

    The federal government has introduced legislation outlining new consolidated protections for whistleblowers, and requiring public, large private companies and trustees of private companies that are re...

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    What's the difference between tag along and drag along rights?

    In a shareholders agreement, tag along and drag along rights are two very different things, designed to serve completely different purposes.

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    Drag along rights in a shareholders agreement

    Drag along rights can be an important protection for a company's founding or controlling shareholders. Here's what you need to know.

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    Tag along rights in shareholders agreements

    Tag along rights give a shareholder the right to join (or 'tag along' with) another shareholder if they find a buyer for their shares. They can be an important protection for minority shareholders.

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