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Greg Henry


Admitted 2001

Greg Henry photo

I help medium sized companies in the construction and technology sectors grow and realise capital value through strategic legal initiatives and business-changing transactions.

The biggest challenges faced by medium-sized businesses are:

  1. Not having the expertise, experience or confidence to negotiate large contracts or deals outside of ‘business as usual’
  2. Not having robust internal systems to ensure everyday contracts are resolved as efficiently as possible
  3. Not knowing what legal initiatives might be available to help protect what they’ve built or grow the capital value of the business for an eventual exit.

I hugely admire and respect entrepreneurs who have managed to create successful businesses, and I am highly motivated to help them achieve the maximum reward for their efforts.

My clients navigate their way through large or unusual transactions smoothly and with confidence. They make changes to their contracting systems that directly improve the bottom line. They undertake initiatives to make sure their business and personal affairs are structured as efficiently and safely as they can be, and they put schemes in place to ensure that the interests of key staff align with their own.

Clients with the right structures benefit from improved internal efficiencies, more consistent profitability and the opportunity (if desired) to exit for maximum value.

Greg Henry has practised as a commercial lawyer in Sydney for over 20 years. Most of his clients are in the construction and technology sectors. He has an MBA from the AGSM and his clients value his strategic thinking, clarity of advice and easy going working style.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Strategic advice on commercial contracts
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and closing commercial contracts
  • Contract administration support
  • Reviewing and improving commercial contracting systems
  • Contract standardisation programs, including clause libraries and playbooks
  • Private company investors
  • Private company fundraising
  • Shareholder agreements and other arrangements between shareholders
  • Employee share schemes
  • Exit strategy (planning and execution)
  • Private company M&A
  • Buying and selling private companies


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