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Contract Risk Management: Extension Workshops

  • Half day workshop delivered by a senior, specialist construction lawyer
  • Improve the way you manage risk
  • Practical, immediately actionable outputs


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Contract Review Workshop

Online or in person

This workshop will involve a clause-by-clause examination of a construction contract chosen by you.  

During this session, one of our senior construction lawyers will work through a contract with you to:

  • identify key risks;
  • ensure your team understands the meaning and purpose of specific clauses; and
  • formulate potential responses and practical strategies for managing contract risks.

This workshop will go into much greater depth, and involve more technical detail, than our Contracting Essentials Workshop.

This session is intended solely for people who are responsible for reviewing and responding to contracts.

3-4 hours, as needed 

$4,850 + GST per session 


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Risk Management Framework Workshop

Online or in person

The objective of this workshop is to help you establish, in writing, a clear framework setting out your company's policies on acceptable (and unacceptable) contractual risks.

A clear contract risk policy and a formalised internal escalation process will help you:

  • deal with contract issues effectively, independently of top management;
  • make contract decisions faster, by reference to a formalised risk management matrix, and
  • realise efficiencies through a more consistent approach to managing contract risks.

This session is intended solely for senior management and others who regularly make decisions about whether or not specific contract terms should be accepted. 

3-4 hours, as needed

$4,850 + GST per session 


An invaluable business partner. Instrumental in improving and streamlining our systems. Exceptionally knowledgeable, pragmatic.  They're practical and their documents are easy to understand.

Scott Jamieson

CFO, SHAPE Australia Corporation Limited

Why an Extension Workshop?

A clear, consistent approach to managing contractual risk is key to any company's ability to grow. These workshops are designed to help you:

  • free up senior management time, by empowering more people in your company to deal with contract issues effectively,
  • create efficiencies, by standardising your company's approach to contracts,
  • reduce risk, by ensuring the people responsible for your company's contracts are able to identify key risks and formulate effective risk management strategies.

About the Trainer

Greg Henry - Principal

Greg is a senior commercial lawyer with over 20 years' experience working with Australian Standards construction contracts. Having supported clients through billions of dollars in projects, Greg is a highly sought-after advisor and strategist in the commercial construction space.

Greg has advised clients at all levels of the contracting chain, on private sector and public sector projects. He works on projects across Australia, and provides advice at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Greg is regularly asked to help clients develop and implement project delivery systems, including standard form agreements, templates, guidance material and training.

Greg is an active member of the Commercial Law Association and the Society of Construction Law Australia.


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