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Contract Strategy and Contract Preparation

We help property owners and project managers design and implement effective contract solutions.
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Contract Structuring Advice

Strategic advice to ensure your contracts will support your overall project objectives.

  • Understand the pros and cons of the different contract structures that could be used on your project, including traditional lump sum contracting, design & construct (and design, novate and construct), and various collaborative contract models, including early contractor involvement arrangements

  • Choose which model is most appropriate

  • Put appropriate insurance arrangements in place

  • Engage key stakeholders and advise you on the different forms of contract that could be appropriate for specific engagements

  • Advise you on the different forms of contract that could be appropriate for specific engagements

RFT & Contract Documentation

Legal documentation to ensure  you are protected throughout the project.

  • Expressions of Interest, NDAs
  • Conditions of tender and related tender documents
  • Consultant contracts, including for your engineers, architects and other specialists
  • Project management agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Construction management contracts
  • Letters of intent
  • Early works letters
  • Warranty deeds, novation deeds and other ancillary project documents.
Panel Agreements and Framework Contracts

We prepare panel agreements and framework contracts where you wish to engage the same suppliers to deliver multiple projects over a period of time.

We support you through the tender process, by:

  • Reviewing legal qualifications departures submitted by tenderers
  • Advising you on tender qualifications so that you can decide which qualifications can be accepted and which should not
  • Preparing legal responses to departures tables
  • Negotiating with preferred tenderers,
  • Drafting amendments to contract documents and preparing special conditions to reflect the outcomes of negotiations
  • Preparing execution versions of contracts and facilitating exchange (including electronically).

Upskill your team with contract training options presented by one of Australia's leading construction lawyers

On Demand Webinars

  • Free on demand webinars available at any time
  • Expert presenters with free downloads and supporting materials
  • Practical tips for principals and contractors

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1 Hour Live Training

  • Online or in-person
  • Practical content tailored to your needs
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer with opportunities for Q&A
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Half-Day Contract Training

  • Online or in-person
  • Comprehensive training workshop, tailored for your organisation
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer with detailed case studies and extensive Q&A

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Why work with us

We combine specialised industry expertise with exceptional customer service.

Apart from consistently high client satisfaction surveys and glowing testimonials, perhaps the two best indications of our commitment to service are that:
  • most of our new clients are referred to us by people who have worked with us previously, and
  • the length of our client relationships tends to be measured in decades, not years (let alone individual matters).

We like to think this is because we deliver on our promise. Our aim is to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

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Contact us today to have a conversation about your specific requirements and concerns.

Our passionate team is committed to offering practical advice and attentive support. Allow us to guide you through the complexities of construction law and provide solutions for a wide array of issues.

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Helpful Resources

A Simplified Subcontract Agreement Template

This subcontract agreement template is designed to help you take your subcontracting process to the next level.  It will make your subcontracts fast to prepare, quick to read, and it is fully customisable so that you can tailor the template to suit the needs of your business.

This template was prepared in 2022 by our team of specialist construction lawyers in consultation with a user group of head contractors. It is:

  • Short. Less than 15 pages.
  • Easy to read. Written in plain English.
  • Firm but not unfair. Weighted in favour of the head contractor, but not unreasonably so.
  • Fully customisable. Issued in editable Word format.
Download a Copy
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