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Contract Reviews

We can help you understand the key risks that arise out of your contract and implement effective strategies for managing them.
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Contract Reviews, Risk Assessments

Work with a senior, specialised construction lawyer to understand the key risks in your contract.

With decades of experience, we can help you quickly understand the risks that matter, and suggest practical ways of dealing with them. 

Because of our industry-specific expertise, we know what a 'market standard' position looks like, and we can help you understand where you are likely to be able to make changes to a contract (and where you are not). Our services include:

  • Contract reviews

  • Preparing tender qualifications and departures tables

  • Supporting and (where needed) attending contract negotiations

  • Drafting contract amendments and preparing special conditions.

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Practical Advice, Exceptional Service

Leverage our expertise

We are known for our ability to provide practical, focused and actionable advice.

We are solutions-focused, outcome-oriented lawyers. We tailor our services to suit your needs, so that you only pay for work that has value to you.  

We are familiar with all of the most commonly used Australian Standards (eg AS 4000, AS 2124, AS 4300, AS 4902, AS 4916, AS 4122) and the various amendments that are typically made to them.  

We work with the contracts issued by Government departments (such as GC 21 and the Defence suite of contracts).  We are also familiar with most of the contracts issued by Tier 1 builders and large law firms.

Invaluable Support

Talk to us to understand more about how we can add value to your next project. 

We will bring risks to your attention that you would not identify yourself, allowing you to implement more effective risk management strategies.

We can save you time, by allowing you to safely outsource the contract review process.

We can advise you which types of contract qualification are likely to be accepted (and which are not), to avoid you wasting time during the tender process and also improve the chances of your tender being accepted.  

We can streamline the contract negotiation process by ensuring that your concerns are clearly and succinctly articulated, and that all contract discussions are as productive and positive as they can be.

We can make sure you go into a project with your eyes wide open, fully aware of the risks you are being asked to assume, so that you can implement effective strategies for managing them.

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Get the advantage today with up to date AS 4000 training for your contract specialists

On Demand Webinars

  • Free on demand webinars available at any time
  • Expert presenters with free downloads and supporting materials
  • Practical tips for principals and contractors

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1 Hour Live Training

  • Online or in-person
  • Practical content tailored to your needs
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer with opportunities for Q&A

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Half-Day Contract Training

  • Online or in-person
  • Comprehensive training workshop, tailored for your organisation
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer with detailed case studies and extensive Q&A

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Why work with us

We combine specialised industry expertise with exceptional customer service.

Apart from consistently high client satisfaction surveys and glowing testimonials, perhaps the two best indications of our commitment to service are that:

  • most of our new clients are referred to us by people who have worked with us previously, and
  • the length of our client relationships tends to be measured in decades, not years (let alone individual matters).

We like to think this is because we deliver on our promise. Our aim is to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

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Turtons Commercial Advise

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Contact us today to have a conversation about your specific requirements and concerns.

Our passionate team is committed to offering practical advice and attentive support. Allow us to guide you through the complexities of construction law and provide solutions for a wide array of issues.

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Helpful Resources

Contract Review Checklist

A great tool to help streamline your contracting process.

This checklist is designed to help you identify practical ways to make your contracting processes more efficient.

The checklist looks at different areas, such as:

  • Software and document management
  • Standarised forms of contract
  • Objectionable contract terms and special conditions
  • Subcontractor objections and how you respond
  • Delivery team and contract administration 
Download a copy
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