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We can help you lay the foundations for a mutually successful relationship.

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Areas of Expertise

When you buy shares in a private company, you are investing in specific people and in specific relationships.  It is completely different to investing in other asset classes. 

Investments in private companies are long term, often with no guarantees of a positive return.  You are relying on the management team to deliver a result.  Your relationship with the company could play a material role in terms of the company’s success. 

The risks are heightened where you will be working in the business and relying on it for a regular income.

Obviously your interests need to be protected.  Due diligence and appropriate contract terms are key. 

However the personal nature of the investment means that it’s about striking a balance.  For example, shareholders need accountability and ultimate control.  Management needs autonomy.  Shareholders need to maximise their financial return.  Management needs to be incentivised to ensure there will be an adequate return for everyone.

We can help you strike the right balance, ensuring that your interests are protected whilst ensuring your investment plays the role it should. 

Investors seek our advice in a number of areas, including:


Ed Parker

CFO, Industrie & Co

They give sound advice. They are commercially aware and pragmatic. They are highly experienced and across the subject matter.
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Helpful Resources

Turtons Shareholders Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide

Shareholders Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide

Over 30 pages of detailed commentary, including a glossary of useful terms and a sample decision-making matrix.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Why companies adopt shareholders agreements
  • How they relate to other documents, such as your company's constitution
  • The types of things that are usually covered
  • Different ways for dealing with different clauses
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