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Behind the scenes, we're genuinely different.
Here's why.


Morgan McIntosh

Associate (Current Employee)

There's a lot of training and one-on-one support, and we're encouraged to get involved. I'm engaging directly with clients, contributing in meetings, and I get a variety of matters to work on. It's a great place to work.

Former Employee (Lawyer)

Employed for 5+ years

It’s an amazingly supportive place to work. I learned the practical side of commercial law and the importance of detail. My time there was invaluable to my development as a lawyer.

Andrew Hernandez

Junior Lawyer (Current Employee)

It’s a fantastic environment for a young lawyer. There’s lots of variety, the work is interesting, and it’s a fun, collaborative team. I get to work closely with the senior lawyers and also maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Yovana Blagojevic

Legal Assistant (Current Employee)

I get to work directly with the principals and I’m treated as a valued member of the team. The work is challenging and I’m given the opportunity to make a real difference.

Former Employee

3+ year lawyer

Greg was a fantastic boss – he explained new concepts clearly, worked collaboratively and encouraged me to manage client relationships. Greg helped me further develop my legal skills, commercial approach and confidence.

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