About this free webinar

  • 35-minute, on-demand webinar that you can view any time
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer in simple, practical terms
  • Designed specifically for client-side project managers and their clients 

A downloadable copy of the slide deck is included.  

This training is designed for people with all levels of experience. It was recorded with a live, interactive audience.

Perfect for individual or team viewing (eg breakfast or lunchtime seminar).

Topics Covered

Topics covered by this session include:

  • How to choose the right type of contract
  • How to set the risk profile of your contract
  • How to structure and choose your project team

This session discusses both ECI and lump sum contracting, under both Construct Only and Design & Construct arrangements, and explains when (and why) you might opt for a particular delivery model.

What people have said about this session

"Coverage was comprehensive."

"Very good, succinct overview... keen to share it with others in the team."

"Clear and helpful."

"We had a whole team watching it. Everyone liked it."

"When is the next one?"