About this free questionnaire

A free, practical, user-friendly due diligence questionnaire intended for use on a potential share purchase or business purchase involving a privately-owned company in Australia.

This document is ready for you to modify and send to the company you are thinking of investing in, to start your due diligence process.

  • Over 65 individual questions, plus more than 15 different documents for you to request (from accounts, asset registers to shareholders agreements and other important corporate governance documents) 
  • Excel format, allowing quick sorting and filtering of information and tracking of progress
  • Easy to understand, written in plain English 

This document will help you understand the types of information that are commonly sought during the due diligence process. It will help you to focus the scope of your due diligence enquiries.

The Excel format will also allow you to easily track the flow of information and the overall status of your due diligence investigations.