About this guide

This is a free 8 page document (PDF) that is designed to help you through the process of designing and implementing an employee share scheme (or ESOP). 

This guide contains:

  • practical commentary to help you better understand the process of implementing an employee share scheme, 
  • 22 easy-to-follow questions to help you move you through your ESOP design and implementation process, and
  • clear suggestions that will make sure you are thinking about all of the relevant considerations in designing your share scheme.

How this guide will help you 

This guide will help you in three ways: 

  • It will help you understand the overall process of setting up a successful employee share scheme. 
  • It will help you better understand where you are on your employee share scheme journey, and what you will need to do next. 
  • It will help you make sure you are asking the right questions and thinking about all of the key considerations. 

Why we developed this guide for you 

Implementing an employee share scheme is not something that can (or should) be done overnight.  It can be a critical point in your company's history, and could play a key role in its future success.

It's a process that usually begins with the company's owners and senior managers contemplating a scheme. After you understand the basics, you will start to think about how a scheme might look in the context of your organisation. From that point, the design and modelling starts to become more detailed, before it is finalised and implemented. 

Our experience is that many people who are thinking about an ESOP:

  • aren't sure what questions they should be asking,
  • don't know how to progress it or when they should be involving advisors, and/or 
  • are not aware of all of the things they should be thinking about.

This guide is intended to address these issues, and more.

About Turtons

Turtons is a commercial law firm in Sydney with specialist expertise in the construction and technology sectors.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped a number of companies design and implement successful employee share schemes.  (We have also helped a number of business owners through successful exit events following their implementation of an ESOP.)

Download your free roadmap and start your employee share scheme journey today!