What you'll get

  • Free access to over 2 hours of on-demand contract entry training
  • A pinpoint index, so that you can focus on specific topics if you'd prefer not to watch entire sessions in one go
  • Presented by a senior construction lawyer in simple, practical terms
  • Designed specifically for contractors, with a focus on a commercial construction contracts

Checklists, slide decks and other relevant material is included.  This training relates specifically to Australian commercial construction contracts.

Comprising 4 individual sessions, this series is designed for people with all levels of experience.  Each session was recorded with a live, interactive audience.

Session Details

The sessions are as follows:

Part 1:  How to review a Construction Contract: A Conceptual Overview

Part 2:  Common Problem Clauses

Part 3:  Risk, Indemnities and Consequential Loss

Part 4: Trivial Pursuit: Contractor's Edition

Topics Covered

The sessions cover a wide variety of topics, and it is impractical to try to list them all here. Some of the issues covered by this training include:

  • a framework for reviewing contracts (including a risk assessment matrix)
  • contract structure and composition
  • discussion of potential problem areas, such as EOTs, delay costs, latent conditions, design risk (including fit for purpose risk) and many others
  • understanding consequential loss and how to deal with it

What people have said about this training


"It can hardly be improved; it was just perfect."

"One of the better webinars I've ever done."

"Great. Succinct, some helpful thinking tools... I liked it."

"Using simple language to distil the risks was fantastic."

"Great. Loved the session length and the format was so easy."