What is this checklist?

This checklist is designed to help you identify practical ways to make your contracting processes more efficient.

After completing the form on this page, you will be able to download a free PDF with over 30 questions that relate to the way you create, review and administer contracts. 

The checklist looks at 6 different areas, as follows:

  1. Software and document management
  2. Standarised forms of contract 
  3. Objectionable contract terms and special conditions
  4. Subcontractor objections and how you respond
  5. Client contract reviews
  6. Delivery team and contract administration

Who is it for?

This checklist is for contractors in the construction sector who want to consider ways to improve both their upstream and downstream contracting processes. 

It will be of particular value to senior managers and business process specialists.

Why we developed this checklist

In the construction industry, inefficient contracting processes consume valuable resources, delay projects and directly affect your company's bottom line. They can also expose your company to unwanted risk and prevent it from making the most of its opportunities.

The problem for many companies is that:

  • they are not aware of options that will help them improve their processes,
  • they do not have the resources or time to take on improvement projects, and
  • business improvement projects are not given sufficient priority.

However, improving your contracting processes can:

  • free up resources to do other, more valuable work,
  • reduce overhead costs, and
  • shorten the amount of time to start (and therefore complete) projects.

All of which can positively impact your bottom line.  Our checklist is designed to help you start thinking about potential projects for improvement, and to help focus your attention on the best place(s) to start.


Who prepared this checklist

Greg Henry (Principal), a specialist construction lawyer who has advised on projects with a value of more than $3b, prepared this checklist based on common issues he has observed in his many years of practice.

Greg has worked on a range of commercial construction projects across a range of sectors, from office fitout and commercial building refurbishment to large scale civil, industrial, maritime, renewable and other specialty projects. 

He generally works on projects in the value range of $5-$50 million, and is familiar with most of the contract forms used by top tier contractors and law firms.



About Turtons 

Turtons is a commercial law firm in Sydney with specialist expertise in the construction and technology sectors.  We specialise in helping businesses improve their everyday contracting processes, negotiate large commercial contracts and other deals that fall outside of "business as usual", and undertake strategic initiative, such as raising capital, buying businesses, implementing employee share schemes, designing and implementing exit strategies and selling businesses. 


Who we work with

Below are just a few of the companies we've had the privilege of working with.  We draft, amend, negotiate and help companies administer construction contracts (head contracts and subcontracts) every day, and have been doing so for decades. 

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